sonic design damping feet
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Words from the customers: (Translated by Sonic Design)
(This is also available in Swedish)

I have now been listening to my equipment after having installed the SD feet. The improvements rendered can only be described as dramatic. I am still trying to work out how so much extra information, across the board, can be extracted from my CDs simply by placing my speakers and CD on some "new feet". Congratulations, I am very satisfied with the results. In fact I now wish to try placing SD feet under more of my equipment.
I can confirm that my extra investment in the SD feet was well worthwhile. The improvements are along the lines that I have already indicated for the first SD feet I used. Congratulations once again with having produced such a simple yet impressive little product.

With all the focus on the use of spiked support for speakers and systems (and which I have used over many years) arises the question: how did we reach this state of affairs when clearly much better results can be achieved by other means, if my experience is anything to go by? I say this on the basis that I had a very good system of components that matched well and sounded well together; many commented on the quailty of the sound. And that was before I tried the SD feet!

As far as sound is concerned the most critical person in our household is my wife who is not interested in hi-fi but appreciates good sound. I think she is even more impressed than I am with the result we have obtained! Once again, many thanks and good luck with the sales of your SD Feet!

I was impressed by the results when using your damping feet with my CD-player. It is time to order some more, how could I let my other equipment be without feet when the CD-player has reached a new level.

I may say, by checking myself, that the damping of the stone plinth is working perfectly. I may also send regards from the customer and say that he is most satisfied, almost baffled, by how well the damping works! Even when the wooden floor is shaking heavily, they have not found that the record players have jumped even once. A check of the resonance frequency aligns exactly with the calculations you have made.

Highly successful!
L.C. of LC Audio.

I have to say that your damping feet are some of the best hi-fi accessories I have ever bought.

The chin dropped down to the toes. I did expect a difference but the sound was "washed anew". Tight bass, larger sound stage - more transparent and more details. Best of all... my girlfriend also heard large differences!

Thanks for a splendid product!

I just want to convey the message that I am very satisfied with my audiophile Sonic Design damping feet for loudspeakers (Norwegian Patos Lyric 301). As far as my ears can catch, it was a substantial improvement not only for the bass that became more precise, but also for the entire sound stage. I have not compared with spikes, since I am content now.