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Reduce unwanted vibration in audio, hi-fi, home cinema and AV systems.

Sonic Design Damping Feet are designed to isolate CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, SACD and LaserDisc players from the surface upon which they are placed, which can help to improve the players tracking ability.

They can also be beneficial in terms of isolating loudspeakers from the surface they are placed (instead of spikes or pads). Standard Loudspeaker Damping Feet are now available in packs of FOUR, so that they can be used to dampen the vibration from a Centre Channel loudspeaker (if placed on a TV shelf and hence help to prevent vibration being transmitted to a video disc player).

If you are plagued with vibration which spoils your enjoyment of music and movies, then these could be your cheap and easy solution.

Sonic Design Damping Feet cost from just £11.99 per set.

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